Hulk Hogan Does A Leg Drop On Kotaku


Now not only am I a gamer, but I am also a life-long wrestling fan. As a youth, I was a Hulk-a-maniac. Now I am a webmaster for a large gaming site. I have much love for Kotaku, as they are the source of many gaming websites’ information. Unlike a few other of the big gaming sites, I have yet to catch Kotaku publishing bogus info.

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If you’re a hardcore gamer, then this story may be old news to you. In a nutshell, The Hulkster was bopping his best friend’s wife back in 2012. Kotaku got their hands on a sex tape of Hogan dishonoring his so-called best friend and published it.

Nick Denton‘s argument is that Gawker’s decision to publish was protected under the First Amendment and Hulk Hogan made his sex life a public matter. Hogan argued that there is a distinction between his wrestling character and his private life. He also says that this wasn’t “Newsworthy“.

I’m going to take a pause here to examine Hulk Hogan’s newsworthy claim… Many people grew up loving the wrestler Hulk Hogan. There are some people in this world who still see marriage as a sacred union. There are also some people that consider a bond between friends sacred also. Hulk Hogan is more than a wrestler, he is an American icon. I happen to think Hulk Hogan stabbing his best friend in the back is very newsworthy.

So the court took Hulk Hogan’s side in the case and awarded him with the sum of $115 million dollars. Gawker has announced that they are selling a minority stake to partners Columbus Nova Technology, to fund the legal battle against the dishonorable wrestler. Now it’s newsworthy, and who in the world knows the type of guy Terry “Hulk Hogan” Bolea really is.

The rumor is that Kotaku will be shutting down in around three months. So not only did Hulk Hogan screw his best friend’s woman, now he’s screwing all of Kotaku’s fans.

My focus with this article isn’t to break this story to you. Many sites have already covered it in depth ahead of me. This is an opinion piece, which is rare for me. I think both parties were in the wrong.

Gawker shouldn’t be publishing any sex tapes. What happens in the bedroom should be private. But I do think they should have published the story. Hulk Hogan’s theme song chants “I am a real American” throughout the entire song. So is the new American standard not respecting the sanctity of friendship AND marriage?

Hulk Hogan has presented himself as an American icon since I was in diapers. You may have won $115 million dollars, Terry, but you have for sure lost my respect. Go ahead and sue me. When you work for any company, you represent them in your personal life as well. Take the NFL for example. I think in a sense, Hulk Hogan didn’t just represent the WWE, he represents our country.

I think Nick Denton and Gawker are getting screwed. Hulk Hogan was getting his just karma. He wasn’t a loyal friend and violated his buddy’s marriage. He’s lucky he’s not sleeping with the fishes. Instead of dealing with the consequences of his dishonorable actions, now he is taking a major news company off of the market.

Your Icon Card Has Been Revoked Terry Bolea!

Hulk-A-Mania is dead to me now. You have lost my respect. Because your wife hurt you, you think it’s okay to hurt your good friend. Then you’re going to be a Bitch about it and destroy what many of us consider the #1 gaming news site. That’s right, I just called Hulk Hogan a Bitch with a capitol B.

I want to know how the tape got into Gawker’s hands in the first place? Did Terry Bolea create it himself? Was he documenting his treachery because he was proud of it? I don’t think Hogan should have got diddly-squat, besides many punches to the face by his friend or maybe a trip to the desert.

If Kotaku does go down over Hulk Hogans crap, it is very sad news. Like his spoiled family needs another $155 million dollars to blow anyway. GT USA feels very sorry for Denton and Gawker. We hope this isn’t the end of Kotaku. If the worse should happen, we thank Gawker for the years of news and media they have shared. We salute you Nick Denton!!! Hogan, you’re a turd!!!

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