International pricing for the HTC Vive is here



In a blog post today, HTC confirmed pricing for its upcoming HTC Vive virtual reality headset and reiterated that preorders will open tomorrow, February 29, starting at 7 AM PST / 10 AM EST. Additionally, HTC announced that in addition to two games–Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption–all preorder units will also come with Google’s Tilt Brush app. Check out a video below.

Most notably, the Vive will cost £689 in the UK, and US$899 in Australia. That latter price is $100 more than in the US, not including shipping, Australians should therefore expect to pay around AU$1,261 for their Vive before shipping, at the time of writing, though any relevant sales taxes aren’t included.

The full international pricing details are available below.

HTC Vive International Pricing (Not Including Tax for US and Canada)

US USD US $799.00
Australia USD US $899.00
Canada CAD CAD 1149
China CNY CNY 6,888
Taiwan TWD NT$28,288
Japan JPY JPY 111,999
UK GBP £ 689.00
New Zealand USD US $949.00
EU EUR € 899.00
Belgium EUR € 899.00
Czech EUR € 899.00
Denmark EUR € 899.00
Finland EUR € 899.00
France EUR € 899.00
Germany EUR € 899.00
Iceland EUR € 899.00
Ireland EUR € 899.00
Italy EUR € 899.00
Netherlands EUR € 899.00
Norway EUR € 899.00
Poland EUR € 899.00
Spain EUR € 899.00
Sweden EUR € 899.00
Switzerland EUR € 899.00

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