How The GameStop Stole Xmas


This year for Xmas, Reddit user Vernm51 wanted a copy of Pokemon HeartGold. After searching everywhere, they decided to buy a copy online from GameStop. Vernm51 was very disappointed when he opened his present to find a non working bootleg copy.

The bobo flash card based bootlegs no longer work after several 3DS firmware updates to put a stop to this. They pop up as THQ’s game Alex Rider Stormbreakern, then fail to load. Though Nintendo has taken steps to combat these bootleg games, there are still many in circulation.

Several gamers on Reddit offered to help Vernm51 get a copy of the game, and a local GameStop came through with a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver. Not the game he was looking for, but better than nothing. But still what a let down for poor Vernm51 & his parents, who really wanted him to have it.

I think its safe to say, I’m not GameStops biggest fan. I would never trust buying used games from them online. The rumor is that they have a stockpile of retro games in warehouses. Many of these games may have worked when they purchased them years ago, but GameStop obviously isn’t rechecking their dusty stockpile before redistributing.

Image Source - Vern51 on imgur. 


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