HENkaku lets you run old school games on your Playstation Vita


Sony’s PlayStation (PS) Vita has been one of the most discussed handheld consoles as of late since it was revealed that a team of hackers finally devised a tool that will enable it to play classic titles.

The exploit allowing full access to the Vita hardware has been created by Team Molecule and named HENkaku. The code injected into the handheld when visiting the website unlocks the hardware and removes the file system from its protective sandbox. It’s then possible to access it and the Vita memory card using FTP.

All the Emulators available atm for users to run are listed here.

Even though the process itself is extremely easy, the execution isn’t exactly flawless, however. The hack must be reinstalled every single time the unit is fully rebooted. Other modes, like sleep, will keep homebrew functionality intact without the extra step.

As with any hack of this kind, it will be interesting to see how quickly Sony responds to it. The developers at molecule note that, while the current iteration works on the PS Vita’s latest 3.60 firmware, it likely won’t take long for the hardware maker to release an update that patches the exploited security flaw. Those that want to keep using homebrew and emulators are instructed to stay on 3.60 until further notice.


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