Hot Harley Quinn Cosplay For Mistah J.


Its time for a Cosplay post for one of perhaps the coolest characters a female can Cosplay. Harley Quinn is so devilishly delightful. Since Suicide Squad just recently launched, what a better time for this post. I think your going to like this ghoulish gallery of sexy Harley Quinn Cosplay. Why aren’t you smiling yet? Why so serious?

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 1
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Brazilian cosplay artist Shermie developed her love of cosplay after going to her first anime convention. Her cosplay of Harley Quinn in particular was designed from scratch by her, and was based around her appearance in Batman: Arkham Knight and Injustice: Gods Among Us.

You can find Shermie cosplay on Facebook here, on DeviantArt here, and on her website here.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 2
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Jessica Nigri Cosplaying Injustice Harley Quinn. Love her or hate her, what kind of Cosplay gallery would it be if we didn’t use a image with the infamous Jessica Nigri?

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 3
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Noodlerella’s first proper attempt at cosplay and prop making. Entire cosplay and prop made by her, from scratch ^u^
This was kind of like her cosplay debut haha

Photograph taken by her brother >u<


Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 4
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This image is actually for a costume you can buy from I’m not sure on the models name, but wow! She makes the costume look great. You can purchase this costume for $89.99 HERE. If you look as good in it as she does, please send us some pics to feature in another post.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 5
Image Source – madameanne

This Cosplayer goes by the name of MadameAnne. I’ve never personally heard of her, but would love to see more of this gorgeous model. Move over Jessica Nigri.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 6
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Now, cosplay can come in a whole lot of different forms, with some proponents of the art opting for a carefully realistic approach, and others taking a looser, more devil-may-care attitude to accuracy and fine detail – and in the end, both routes are more than capable of creating some pretty darned fantastic outfits.

Some cosplayers, though, have the ability to take things to a whole new level – one probably best described as ‘photo-realism’. A perfect example of that? Cosplayer Izabel Cortez, whose dedicated efforts may well have resulted in…

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 7
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Cosplay model Margor Robbie Is simply radiating beauty in this image. Or maybe its just some good Photoshop work. Either way Mrs. Robbie is stunning in this amazing portrait.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 8
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Seeing as she’s one of the most popular characters in both animation and comic book, people have taken to loving the woman — quirks and all. Besides, who can’t help but want to be like her? Despite how Joker can treat her she’s still good deep down, and loves with her whole heart. There have been numerous takes on Harley Quinn but some are just better than others — no offense to those out there who have taken on the woman. Rayi Cosplay has done an amazing job as Harley Quinn and there’s no denying that she’s quite adorable in doing so.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 9Image & Info Source –

Showing off her crazy is SuperMaryFace. Her Suicide Squad Harley Quinn is a perfect replication of the one from the trailers and images.

Cosplayer: SuperMaryFace
Photographer: Mike Batz

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 10
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This roller derby version of Harley Quinn actually is canon now in Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti’s New 52 ‘Harley Quinn,’ and this cosplayer nailed it.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 11
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The idea of Harley Quinn and the Joker going on regular dates like regular people is strangely endearing. They’re both nutty and cruel, but they kind of work and can be adorable sometimes. Cosplayer Kitty Young has focused on that fun side of the villain and imagines what Harley Quinn as a beach bunny would look like. The full makeup with the bikini makes for a creepy-cute combo. Mistah J looks like he’s the perfect companion.

Photos by Ron Gejon Photography.

Harley Quinn Cosplay - #GTUSA 12
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@aggypower in her #custom #harleyquinn #cosplay! She designed this one and brought it to life! #latex #rubber #costume #batman #DCcomics #DC

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