GTA Goes Beast Mode For The Holidays


Seasons Greetings Gamers!

Tis the season to be Jolly in Los Santos. This week GTA V released a Holiday Update full of goodies to stuff your stocking with. A lot of these additions are very predictable including Xmas trees, snowball fights, holiday themed apparel, new vehicles, new weapons, a new Adversary Mode, and much more.

In the new Adversary Mode, 3 jacked up WareWolf type creatures are put up against a group of heavily armed humans. The Ware like men are incredibly strong beast not bound by the same laws of gravity, and turn invisible after clearing checkpoints. The use of the beast men’s super abilities drains your power and limits your super jumps.

The humans, also known as Slashers will get infinite lives and amplified weaponry, including a minigun, rocket launcher, railguns, and thermal vision googles. The Slashers also have the strength in numbers on their side.

The new mode has the mix of characteristics from 2 previous adversary modes from September and October’s updates, but ends up having a special creepy holiday feel of its own.

Happy Holiday Beast Hunting!


Video From – GameSpot 

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