GT USA’s Mock Odd Fighting Game: Characters & Stages


In GT USA’s Gamer Forum on FaceBook we put together the characters and stages for a mock odd fighting game. It was just a fun group post to run. We didn’t get into the games story lines, character moves, or other details, but I think we’ve got the makings of the coolest and weirdest fighting game ever here.

On The Forum


As a group, lets design a odd fighting game together.
Each participating member can add –
1 odd character from a cartoon, TV show, movie, comic, or video game.
& 1 odd location for a stage from anywhere.

I’ll start by adding “The Tick” & “Sanford & Sons Junkyard”.

Here Are The Results…


z2446jhvjhCharacter: The Tickz2447hfvyyjgfj
Stage: Sanford & Sons Junkyard
Picked By: Phil Williams




z2448hjgvyhCharacter: Black Lionz2449uyfuy
Stage: Ancient Greece
Picked By: Derek Shook






z2450hjbvhbCharacter: Nester z2451tyftyufyu
Stage: Nester’s Funky Bowling Alley
Picked By: Josh Wojcik




z2452ytfdtfCharacter: Clint Howard z2453hvjhv
Stage: Asian Massage Parlor
Picked By: Jeremy Cline






z2454fyufyCharacter: Powdered Toast Man z2456gvgu
Stage: Prison
Picked By: Tiffany Gabry






z2457uhvfuyfvuCharacter: Stimpy z2458uhgvyu
Stage: The Grand Canyon
Picked By: Carl Davis



z2459hvhjvCharacter: Megas XRL z2460ugvfuy
Stage: Universal Fight Areana
Picked By: Travis Loveall


z2461hvbhCharacter: Phineas and Ferb z2462uhgvuyv
Stage: backyard with Agent P
Picked By: Chauntelle Loveall




z2463hvjhvjhCharacter: Saria z2464gctgc
Stage: The Lost Woods
Picked By: Benjamin Parker


z2465gcytgCharacter: Boogerman z2466bjuh
Stage: Jerry Seinfeld’s Apartment
Picked By: Andy Ladewski



z2467ughvuyvuCharacter: Abe z2468gvuyg
Stage: The DMV
Picked By: Tony Cook




z2469gtufutfCharacter: Segata Sanshiro z2471fuyfy
Stage: Monopoly Game Board
Picked By: Zeb Shrader





z2472ggcvjgvcCharacter: Towelie z2473jkbkjbkj
Stage: The Punch Bowl
Posted By: John Livinglife Worrall





z2474ugftufCharacter: mermaid man and barnacle z2475gvcg boy
Stage: Kings Landing
Posted By: John Newton



z2476gcvgjhvcCharacter: Arrow z2477ghjvjgv
Stage: Gotham City
Picked By: Jary Zaidi


z2478gcgcgCharacter: Parappa the Rapper z2479jgvgv
Stage: Combat Zone
Picked By: Shawn K. McCool



z2499gcjghcjCharacter: Pinky & the Brain z2500hgchg
Stage: WB Studio Lot
Picked By: Nefertiti Jordan





z2501jhvjhCharacter: Colonel Mustard z2502ujhgjkg
Stage: Conservatory
Picked By: Bill Perkins







This might be the coolest, but yet oddest lineup for a fighting game ever! I doubt it will ever make it to really be a game. It was a fun post either way. Maybe one day we’ll continue with a story line and character moves . If you have more characters to add, stages, or ideas, leave a comment.

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