Gryphon Knight Epic Is As Epic As The Title Suggests


Gryphon Knight Epic

When I first got Steam nobody told me that wired PS3 controllers are only compatible with a handful of Steam titles. I collected a pile of cool looking games in my Steam library before I realized this. So I finally got around to buying a new wired Xbox 360 controller.

Gryphon Knight Epic was the first game I decided to make a gameplay vid for, and do a article on. I’ve been eyeing up this game for months. I just can’t get into using a keyboard and mouse. I had my doubts that the 360 controller would work, but we have success.

GKE received a very positive rating in the Steam store. After much anticipation I now understand why. This game is freak’n amazing. After only playing the tutorial and 1 level I absolutely love it. Since I haven’t played the entire game, I’m not going to do a full review. If you watch my short gameplay video, then you will see why I highly recommend it.

If you hurry its 50% off at the time I’m making this post. Well worth $4.99

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Above you will find my gameplay video, and below you will find some info from GKE’s store page on Steam, along with its link.

Gryphon Knight Epic is a 2D Medieval Shoot’em up that mixes elements from classical shoot’em ups, exploration and duel-like boss battles, it tells the story of Sir Oliver and Aquila, an accomplished knight and his loyal gryphon that are forced back to adventure once again.

Sir Oliver have already defeated a dragon, married a princess and saved the kingdom. But during his quest he will face adversaries he never imagined he would, because… in reality all of them were once friends. What happened? These heroes would never go rogue… and all at once? Something is rotten in the kingdom and its up to Oliver discover what.

  • Fight your way through 8 hand-crafted levels
  • Duel with challenging bosses and get their weapons
  • Explore the stages to find equipment for your character and bits of ancient lore of the world
  • Enjoy challenging gameplay and pixel art graphics, just like old times
  • Windows, Mac, & Linux versions with Gamepad support

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“Oddly enough, even as I caught myself being frustrated and cussing like a sailor I was still having fun.”
70 out of 100 – Canadian Online Gamers

“Fantastically fun, old-school gameplay”
79 out of 100 – BitCultures

“Mega Man and Gradius had a Son!”
85 out of 100 – Modvive

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