Grand Theft Auto 6 Is In Production – Report


A source speaking with TechRadar has revealed some interesting details about Grand Theft Auto’s past and future. First, the unnamed source told the site that Rockstar Games was considering making a “full” Grand Theft Auto game set in Tokyo and even sent staff to the Japanese city for a research trip.

TechRadar also notes that in 2003, Rockstar applied for trademarks to protect “GTA: Tokyo” and “GTA: Bogota,” and though the news was reported at the time, I don’t recall it causing much of a stir. I think we all assumed: Sure, GTA can go anywhere, sounds good!But TR’s source says that Rockstar decided against changing GTA staples like cars and brands. Speculation on my part factors in how much GTA has embraced itself as satire of American culture since then—to do the same for Japanese culture in GTA’s not-exactly-nuanced style would be such a departure that I can’t see it ever happening.


The site’s source also said “preliminary” work has started on Grand Theft Auto 6. However, a location for the game has not been chosen yet, but, if the source is right, it will probably be in the United States.


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