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GLITCHED is a mystery and exploration RPG coming to PC, Mac, and Linux. The game features traditional turn based combat with a little bit of spice but will primarily focus on the story and how you change it. This will be done through the ESSENCE SYSTEM, which will track a player’s personality and morality. After a glitch appears in the world of SOREN, our unexpected hero, Gus, will become aware of you- the player. Experience fourth wall breaking shenanigans while making decisions that will shape this world.

The small town of BETWIXT sits far removed from the events of the rest of the world and has always been home to GUS, our unlikely hero.

Things remained ever constant until one day his best friend, CONRAD, told him he was going to leave for strange reasons.

On the night before CONRAD departs, an unexplained phenomenon, the glitch, seemingly erases his existence from the world. After coming face to face with the glitch, GUS is able to interact and speak to you- the player of GLITCHED. The traumatic event of suddenly losing his friend significantly affects GUS, but luckily you’ll be there to guide him through.

Together, you and GUS will explore the world of SOREN and discover the truth behind it all. Each choice you make might influence who decides to be your friend or foe

You’ll travel from crowded cities to ancient kingdoms. Remnants and tales of the past will lead you to the answers of the present.

You’re bound to meet plenty of strange characters on your journey. Some will be friends and other foes- perhaps that choice is left up to you.


At its core, GLITCHED is a story driven RPG where the player is constantly making decisions that have an impact of the world of SOREN.

In GLITCHED, the ESSENCE SYSTEM will track a player’s choices and shape their personality and morality. This system will give each player a unique experience.

By exploring the world in your own way, you’ll generate points towards six different ESSENCE alignments.

These alignments serve as personality types which will impact characters, story, and the world around you. Your interaction with NPCs, how you explore the environment, combat, and even your conversations with GUS will determine your ESSENCE.

Each ESSENCE focuses on certain character traits and ideologies. No ESSENCE is good or evil, but instead explains the reasons behind your actions. Through meeting and talking to different NPCs, you’ll get a better idea of what each ESSENCE is about.


GLITCHED uses traditional turn based combat with a few twists:

  • There is no leveling or random monster encounters.
  • All combat is story based and players will be making choices that may or may not lead to a brawl.
  • Leveling up and experience are also removed.
  • Players will have to use different party members and equipment in order to change how they approach each battle.
  • Deciding to kill, spare, or find another way to stop a fight will all lead to different story outcomes.

Actions in battle are limited to three types: Fighting, Interacting, & Goodies. When enemies cannot fight anymore you’ll be able to choose to kill or spare them which will alter the story.

You might also choose to interact with your enemy to resolve the conflict in a different way . Lastly, you’ll be able to use items in battle to bring about various effects.

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