Getting Into The Halloween Spirit With Friday The 13th On NES


When thinking about doing a themed holiday post, for some reason Friday The 13th on the NES was the first game to come to mind. Critics may consider this one of the worst games on the NES, but as a kid I loved it. Just about everyone I knew had this bargain bin classic. We all would be happy if we took out Jason one time. I didn’t really think beating this game was possible back then.

Like most Nintendo games, beating Friday The 13th took much practice, patients, and skill. I never even made past the first day, let alone beat it. Thanks to my good ole friend the Game Genie, I finally made it to what might possibly be the worst ending in a video game of all times. Really Nintendo? You put us through all that work for an ending like that!!!

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Friday the 13th was developed by Atlus, and published by LJN. It was released exclusively for the Nintendo Entertainment System in Febuary, 1989. The game is based off of the long running movie series with the same name. Critics rated this game as one of the worst games of all time. It is also considered to be one of the most difficult horror games of all time.

Friday The 13th NES Halloween Review - #GTUSA 2


While I do agree with Friday The 13th being one of the most difficult horror games ever, I don’t agree with it being one of the worst games of all time. I think that is a harsh rating for this classic. I spent close to as much time playing this game as I did Legend of Zelda. Though beating it never seemed like a possibility, it was still always fun to play. I’ve picked this game up many times over the years, and enjoyed it again today…

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