Gears of War 4: On Oct. 11 Nothing Else Matters


Marcus Fenix stands in the ruined streets of Sera, surrounded by fire and destruction. The stroke of a piano fills the air as he digs through some nearby rubble. The ground begins to shake, and the street collapses. Marcus bolts to safety as it begins to rain. Outnumbered by an approaching Locust patrol, Marcus dives into a nearby building. He recovers to find himself in the company of hundreds of watching eyes. Alone and with no hope of survival, Marcus opens fire as Mad World takes the screen to black.

Ten years removed from the release of the Mad World launch trailer, The Coalition has released the launch trailer for Gears of War 4.

Mad World depicted a world with its back to the wall, isolated from all hope. No matter where you ran, or where you hid, there was no escaping the mad world of Sera.

The “Family Matters” trailer takes a different tone. Sera has begun the healing process, but that will soon come to an end. As all hell breaks loose, JD, Dei, and Kait must come together to survive the Swarm.

Familiar faces from the series make a return. A much older, much thinner Augustus Cole (Cole Train) appear late in the trailer, lighting up the screen with his signature catch-phrase. Marcus Fenix captures much more screen time. Appearing throughout the trailer, Marcus battles alongside his son, and even finds himself in the clutches of death. The relationship between JD and Marcus may be strained, but when face-to-face with a new evil, they must put aside their differences and fight for the only thing that matters, each other.

Aside from the focus on the father-son relationship, the new trailer highlights the emergence of the Swarm. For ten years, fans have only heard or read about the original E-Day in which the Locusts devastated Sera. With Gears of War 4, The Coalition is putting fans at a whole new ground zero.

The new trailer also highlights the variety of enemies; which players will face throughout the campaign. Along with drones and the robotic DeeBees, the trailer also introduces the Carrier and the Snatcher . A pale, deformed enemy, comparable to General RAAM, also appears in the trailer. The unnamed nemesis leads the assault on Sera early on in the trailer, in what appears to be E-Day 2.

Along with its launch trailer, Gears of War 4 has officially gone gold. The Coalition made the announcement through the official Gears of War Twitter page.

Gear of War 4 launches on Xbox One and PC on Oct. 11. Fans with the ultimate edition gain access four days early.

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