Gears 4 Keys Flood the Internet After Amazon Exploit


Update: Nvidia is now requiring proof of purchase with all Gears 4 keys. Gametrade has also suspended all trades involving Gears 4 keys.

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Gears of War 4 is a few weeks from release, but that hasn’t stopped fans from looking for a good deal. Earlier this week Nvidia announced every sold GTX 1070 and 1080 would come with a key for Gears of War 4. The key gives buyers access to the game on both PC and Xbox One. The offer is pretty straightforward, but a hiccup at Amazon has added some complications. Individuals who buy the graphics cards through Amazon are receiving Gears 4 keys at no cost.

Since the discovery of the Amazon exploit, Gears 4 keys have flooded the internet. Reddit, Ebay, and Facebook groups have become black markets for copies of the game. Most offers on these sites range from $15 to $20 with some sellers going as low as $5. Most of these transactions go through Paypal. Once buyers make a payment they receive a code and instructions on how to redeem their game.

Nvidia is yet to make a statement on the glitch, and it is currently unclear if they will revoke these codes.

Many fans looking to make a quick buck posted their codes for sale on the popular Gametrade subreddit. They were later removed but have now made a return along with a PSA from the moderators. Gametrade moderator, celeryman272, states that most copies were likely obtained through the Amazon glitch. He advises potential buyers to learn where their games are coming from. Sellers on the subreddit are also now required to disclose how they received their codes.

[PSA] Gears of War Nvidia codes are now disabled and not allowed to be offered here. from GameTrade

When purchasing items from individuals online, always take extra precautions. Never share any personal information with the seller. When sending money through Paypal make your payment a transactional payment. This gives buyers some extra protection and makes it easier to get their money back if need be.

It has been a busy week for The Coalition. Monday saw the release of their action-packed launch trailer for Gears 4. The game also went gold in the same day. Gears of War 4 comes to PC and Xbox One on Oct. 11.



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