“Gamigami Invaders” Hits Steam Greenlight – Very Innovative Invader Style Game


Gamigami Invaders Comes To Steam Greenlight

Gamigami Invaders brings some new things to the invaders style. It is a new take on this genre. Your ship can jump and use crazy special weapons. It has funny and challenging bosses and a gameplay mechanic a little different from what you probably saw.

Gamigami Invaders is a very funny and fast paced little shooter game that puts you in control of Marlio, a martian that must rescue his “not so beloved” wife from the clutches of a clumsy robot race called Gamigami. In this game the players must use the mouse to control Marlio’s spaceship through waves of enemies and challenges that pay homage to some classic games like Space Invaders, Galaga, Asteroids and others. This is a very funny and unique shooter game where the player’s spaceship can also kill the enemies by jumping on their heads. The vision of the designer was to put some platform elements in the game in a way that it could become a hybrid of space shooter and platform. This is a high challenge little game that will take you hours to complete and it’s easy to control. Also being perfect for casual gamers!


– Easily played with the mouse.
– Fun weapon system.
– Crazy special weapons.
– Creative, funny and challenge bosses.
– Innovative shmup mechanics.
– A very fun jumping system where the player can kill his enemies by jumping on their heads.
– A very motivational online high score system that will make you play for hours to reach the top.

Gamigami Invaders - #GTUSA 2

How to Play:

Use your mouse to control Marlio’s spaceship though the waves of enemies.

The spaceship will auto shoot and there is no need for the player to press any button to perform this task. This way the player can concentrate in more important tasks.

Kill the enemies and take the colored crystals. Each crystal fills in a different weapon orb on the right menu. When a orb is full, you can then release his respective special weapon.

To release a special weapon, just wait for his orb to be full and pay attention that it will be lit around your spaceship. Just wait for the light to pass above the spaceship’s red target and then press the left mouse button.

Press the right mouse button to make the spaceship jump. Press the right mouse button two times to perform a double jump.

Gamigami Invaders - #GTUSA 3

“A masterpiece in the making! Once you get started its hard to put down. It’s the funnest Space Invaders style game i have ever played without a doubt!” GameTraders USA

“… playful art style and unique gameplay. Unique bosses, bonus stage, and a variety of power ups make this simple game a joy to play.” Krazy Knights

The game is 98% done!

We hope you like the concept, challenge and fun gameplay. We are counting on your vote! Help this little indie game to see the light of the day by voting and spreading the word!


Please Vote YES On Steam Greenlight Here


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