Gamigami Invaders Beta Testing Review


This morning I had the great honor of being asked to beta test Gamigami Invaders. At first I didn’t know what to expect out of this game. After a few hours of playing it with my roommates kids, I have nothing but good stuff to say about this masterpiece in the making.

Warning: Gamigami Invaders is still in the beta testing faze. What you will see in the following video is not the finished product. The Developer still has some bugs to work out, but it is coming along. Since there still are some bugs on the beta version, I decided to only create a quick sneak peak video, opposed to the full play through.

If you watch the above video, then you will see Gamigami Invaders is a fast-paced Space Invader style shoot em up. You are a UFO with supped up power weapons and the ability to jump. The game is primarily Space Invader style, but its full of surprises like epic boss fights and survival rounds. You just don’t know what to expect from one wave to the next.

Your gun is a star shooter that is on auto blast. The lights going around your ship dictate which power weapon you will use when you hit the button. The power weapons are fun and creative. They include a powerful laser, a tri-shooter, a vacuum, dual rockets, and more. They take a minute to down, but once you’ve got it down, you’ll love to unload with them.

GamiGami Invaders - #GTUSA 2

The game is made to be challenging. Though it has a bright and shinny look, this is not a game for quitters. Once you get started its hard to put down. The developer told me he made it to be much like the styling of retro games where you had to learn the levels in order to master it.

My favorite part of the game is the creative bosses, which also are not easy. The boss of the first level is a chef-bot who fights with kitchen utensils and drops vegetables from above. The boss of the second level is a Jester with a Jester stick and detachable head. As you’ll see in the following video by the dev, the bosses are really cool.

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Summery: I have nothing bad to say about Gamigami Invaders. Its the funnest Space Invader style game I have ever played without a doubt. This is a game you should support and look forward to. Great job so far BLOQBIT GAME STUDIO!

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