GameStop Closing All Puerto Rico Stores Very Soon


If you live in Puerto Rico, you won’t see anymore Gamestop stores in the near future. The retailer is shutting its doors for good.

As noted by a user on NeoGAF, Elnuevodia reported that Gamestop is shutting down forever in Puerto Rico.

According to Joel Mooring, GameStop’s public relations director, the stores are closing down because of “ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints.”

“Given the ongoing business challenges and increased governmental restraints we have experienced in Puerto Rico, GameStop has made the business decision to close all of its video game stores and operations located on the island. As a result, GameStop will be exiting the Puerto Rican market by the end of March 2016. Until that time, we will continue to conduct normal business operations.”

According to GameStop’s website, the retailer currently operates 35 stores in Puerto Rico. It is unknown how many employees those stores had or if GameStop will offer any resources to affected staffers.

In November, GameStop announced financial results that came in at the low end of what it had previously forecast, in part because a number of key games–including Halo 5: Guardiansand Star Wars Battlefront–failed to meet expectations. As a result, the company’s share value dipped, before ultimately rebounding.

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