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The new revolution on indie game development came in a shape that no one expected. The masterful Scott Cawthon created a game called Five Nights at Freddys. This game became an instant sensation. Creating a story behind the scenes that spanned through multiple generations. The story of Scott and how he was a regular Joe that created this game and his entire life changed because of it, inspired many young people to get into game development themselves. The best way for them to try this was to create a fan game or a “clone” of FNAF with their own stories.

Due to this many free indie game sites have been over run with these styles of game, some good, some bad all of them purely indie. Many long time developers have complained about this overflow of these clones. However, one person working at has had enough. They had a few words to say about this complaint, I am here to share that post with you. Below is just a blurb about that information utilize the link below this blurb for the full story.

“While you’re talking at me with your self-righteous tone, as if you’ve got the answers to life’s most challenging problems, I’m actually looking into your eyes for clues on why you think it is in the best interest of the indie community to ban groups of kids who are genuinely interested in learning and making games. Especially since remaking a game is a great way to learn game development. Even if all they are capable of right now is creating a game page for an idea so they can call themselves “developers”, how do you not see that all they want is to be just like you? They want to be involved with games outside of the norm of consumption. They want to create games alongside their favorite developers.”

This is the most respectful post I have seen about this issue. Most complaints come from people who have spent much of their life trying to become a developer, I understand the frustration that these others are just jumping into it. But we must all keep in mind they are just trying to reach their dreams, just like you, master developer. They want to succeed at this too, it’s a good way to start by cloning their favorite game. I hope we can all see things the way that @thoro of does.