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Everyone has that time, when they have beaten the AAA titles and they just don’t want to replay something over again. We sit and browse for something that’s coming out, or something we just haven’t played in a while.

After a couple days we revert to the Mobile device with those crappy little 2d games that we would play, but we don’t want to spend the 99 cents to find out we have to buy stuff in the game and its just not worth it.

What if I told you there exists a place where you can find thousands of well put together and insanely addicting games completely free! No its not a fantasy, I’m not pulling your leg, I’m being completely truthful.

GameJolt is an online library of indie games that you can play on a browser or download completely free, in fact you cannot add you game to the site if you intend on charging for anything associated to it. It is a good place to get a few wasted hours while you wait for something else. Or you can play games that people have put a lot of time into and just want to see if their stories are up to par.

GameJolt is primarily used by people looking to test their game designing skills and cut their teeth on testing story ideas. You can rate and comment, these are used to help a designer know what they can change or what they should continue to do.

There are hundreds of games that are remakes of old classics, parodies of our favorites and some original games made by up and comers. So check it out and help out a developer hone their skills, who knows, they may remember your advice when the good times come.

Here is some of the top games on GameJolt right now.

plpicPresentable Liberty 

shjSpooky’s House Of Jump Scares

TVOThe Very Organized Thief

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