Free Shovel Knight Expansion Coming Spring 2017


Yacht Club Games has announced Specter of Torment, their second expansion to the 2014 hit, Shovel Knight, will release in spring 2017.

Following Plague of Shadows, Specter of Torment puts another boss from the original campaign in the spotlight. This time around Shovel Knight and Plague Knight hang up their capes to make room for Specter Knight. With his signature scythe in hand, Specter Knight heads out on his own unique campaign.

Yacht Club Games has given Specter Knight a new set of legs, along with the ability to dash slash and wall climb. Dash slash strikes enemies mid-jump, while also giving players some additional mobility across levels. Wall climb, as suggested by the name, gives players the ability to climb walls. Combining both abilities makes traversing levels faster and easier.

Specter Knight

In addition to the new expansion, Yacht Club Games will also be adding Battle Mode and Body Swap. Battle Mode pits players against each other in a single screen competition. Body Swap changes the gender of players’ character across all campaigns. One mode will launch along with Specter of Torment next spring, while the other will launch with the final expansion, featuring King Knight, at a later time. Yacht Club Games has yet to announce which mode will be available with Specter of Torment.

Announced as a stretch goal as part of their successful Kickstarter campaign for Shovel Knight, the untitled expansion for King Knight is currently in development.  Little is currently known about the third and final expansion, except that it entered development simultaneously with Specter of Torment. No current date or timeframe has been set for King Knight’s debut.

Spector of Torment will be coming to all platforms that support Shovel Knight, including Amazon Fire, PS4, and Xbox One. Fans will be able to continue their 8-bit adventure at no additional cost.

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