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As we move into the new year, that also means a new month, which means more free games from you favorite consoles. As long as you are subscribed to the paid for networks (Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus) you get 2-3 free games per month per console. Lets see what January will bring us.


Here’s the complete lineup of PlayStation freebies for January 2016 (Exact dates not included)

Dragon Age: Origins, PS3
Grim Fandango Remastered, PS4, PS Vita
Hardware: Rivals, PS4
Legends of War Patton, PS Vita
Medal of Honor Warfighter, PS3
Nihilumbra, PS Vita


Here’s the complete lineup of Xbox freebies for January 2016.

Thief (Xbox One) – December 16-January 15
Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition (Xbox One) — January 1-31
Zheros (Xbox One) — January 16-February 15
Dirt Showdown (Xbox 360) — January 1-15
Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox 360) — January 16-31


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