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Freddy’s Back: Pilot Episode

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you…
Three, four, better lock your door…
Five, six, grab your crucifix…

Seven, eight, gonna stay up late…
Nine, ten, he’s back again…

Video Source – Cristi Nicola

Freddy’s Back: A Nightmare On Elm Street is a tribute game fully dedicated to the immortal (or not?) myth around Freddy Krueger, who scared entire generations of people through his apperances on the big screen. To match also Freddy’s appearances in the videogame industry, our Game Designer and Project Manager Fabio Cerullo reinvented the Nightmare’s universe into an exclusive brand new chibi-super-deformed vision, where Allyson (and the player) will live another nightmare featuring Freddy, through a fan-made storyline, trying to survive his jokes and puzzles.

Key Features

  • An exclusive, brand new, fan-made nightmare!
  • Live the Freddy’s return through an old-school, euromanga style, super-deformed visuals
  • A reinvented survival/adventure gameplay inspired by iconic experiences like Silent Hill and/or Resident Evil
  • The disturbed setting will be your first problem to solve along several puzzles
  • And last but not least… You’ll have to encounter, once again, Freddy Krueger!


Allyson is walking down the street while she encounters a sweet child. The lost girl tries to speak to her and ask where they are, but the kid repeats that “he’s coming” while she disappears. Allyson can only see an old house and the only thing to do, in her mind, is to enter it. While she realizes to be on that, damned, bloody Elm Street

At the moment, we will release a demo of the Episode 1 of this series of RPGM-made games.
Obviously, everything’s FAN-MADE, non-profit and free-2-play! Stay tuned, more news will follow really soon: daddy is back again!

This game is a fan-made tribute: A3 Studios does not own any of the names, facts, intellectual property and/or any other likenesses which are exclusive property of their respective owners.

The above download was provided by Indie DB, because they are awesome like that.

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