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The internet is responsible for many things. What it seems to be doing lately is taking something that started out small and insignificant to the world and exploding it across the entire reaches of the web. This has happened with controversial topics that may have come and went had it not remained stuck in our trending searches. What at first was far from conversational and was a tiny indie game made by a deeply Christian man, a last chance to make a popular game before returning to his job at Dollar General, has now become a movement that has fans thrusting themselves at the screen and others hissing at the sight of robots.

In comes Five Nights at Freddy’s, or better known as FNaF.

The Fnaf Cast

Copyright Scott Cawthon

Look at these cute little guys… At least the little ones in front. When you start looking more and more towards the back, you may realize that they grow a bit more horrifying.

That’s because this is a horror game. These cute little furry robots are out to kill you. But that’s only the beginning.

The basic story is simple – you are a security guard for an overnight shift at the popular pizzeria Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Your job is to make sure that the animatronics that have just finished entertaining all of the little toddlers and children do not act up during the night, as they are put on automatic movement to keep their servers from locking up. It’s said that they use to be free roaming all the times… Until there was the Bite of 87′. More on that later.

Using the quite honestly ancient security caFoxymerasBonnie, you are to survive the obvious five nights from midnight to six AM, fighting away the original four ‘beloved’ characters; Bonnie, Foxy the Pirate, Chica, and finally Freddy.

FreddyChicaDifficulty spikes with each night, as only Bonnie and Chica would try to sneak into your office the first two nights, then Foxy and Freddy sneaking in the rest of the week. If you manage to survive, you are given a lovely paycheck of 120 dollars, and able to get a bit of overtime if you take the extra 6th night. Try not to get killed by these little guys and you’re good to go!

Until you start finding out the rest of the story.

If you fail to keep these creatures away, you are attacked and subsequently stuffed into a suit, where you can only see your own eyes and teeth from the outside. This may seem gruesome, but it’s the only act of violence that you see.

If you keep your eye on the newspaper on the right side where Chica can occasionally be seen, you can see that they occasionally change. They begin to tell of an event of someone luring five children away and them disappearing, never to be seen again. Then there is the tale that the store has been closed before, because the animatronics began to ooze pus and slime. Theories begin to spin that the children had been stuffed into the suits, and the animatronics suddenly ravenous behavior against you is because they are haunted by the dead children.

But then you’re probably thinking that there were five children and only four animatronics. That’s when one of the biggest secrets comes into play.

Meet Golden Freddy, the fifth animatronic.

golden freddyGolden Freddy is said to be the original animatronic from the older establishments, and suspected to be the one of the suits used to lure the children in the back. He is a phantom, appearing into your room without warning, and staring at him too long would cause him to attack. Instead of the game over screen, though, your game completely crashes.

Five Nights at Freddy’s was a small game, but suddenly burst across the internet as everyone scraped apart every single pixel to find more of the story. The creator, Scott Cawthon, was immediately stunned to just what his creation had become, but influenced by the sudden popularity, began to make sequels. While most may say that having so many sequels within a short period of time is him raking in the money, the community instead sees it as Scott slowly feeding them bits of the story.Mangle

The second game soon revealed more details to the Bite of 87, where someone had been bitten by an animatronic and had bitten off the frontal lobe. With some evidence, it becomes apparent that this was caused by a ‘new’ version of Foxy, once called Toy Foxy but sadly was reduced to a pile of scrap parts, now beingPurple guy called the Mangle. We also receive confirmation that someone is using a golden suit, supposedly to harm others. But then the murderer had been revealed through small atari minigames (a bit hard to explain…). Purple Guy, a sprite that is constantly seen around death of children, and in very rare moments, comes out to attack you during these small minigames.

The third blew the entire game wide open, and we received one of the most gruesome animatronics to that date. Springtrap. It is revealed that the golden suits, Golden Freddy and Golden Bonnie, were used to act as suits, having spring locks to fold the rods and wires away, but was extremely delicate and thus extremely delicate. The only real enemy is the one and only Springtrap, being a man who had been withispringtrapn the Golden Bonnie suits when the locks suddenly snapped closed, killing the guard inside.

Only through suffering through each night of what seems to be an intelligent psychopath chasing down your every move do you finally get to see the final mini game, as the five ghosts of the children corner the Purple Guy in a back room with the lifeless Golden Bonnie suit. After he believes that he can scare off the spirits by putting on the suit, he managed to spring the ancient locks, leaving the murderer to die as the ghosts finally fade away, appeased with their revenge. Springtrap had been the murderer all along, with the Purple Guy trying to still feed his urge for blood and vengeance. After this night, you get a news clipping, saying that the building had burned down overnight. It leaves the mystery of what happened to Springtrap to never be explained.

Many may think that this was the end, but in a sudden twist, Scott released one last game of the main series. Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 soon became the most horrifying of them all, and the monstrosities lingering in the back of the cast photo have come to life, only to haunt you. You are now a child in your bedroom, no longer being within an office and without security cameras to guide you, and only able to use your wits and listening to the creatures breathing on the other side of the door, awaiting the opportunity to sink their exposed dagger-like teeth into your small body, literally throwing you up from the ground and disappearing within their jaws.nightmare animatronic

You are again thrown into the five night ritual, trying to survive in your little bedroom by checking the doors, checking the closet for good ol’ Foxy, or looking to your bed to fend off the littler nightmares that are kindly called the Freddles, being quite like an alarm to if Freddy is coming close. Your nightly minigames now take place as a little child, being tormented by a big brother who constantly scares him with a Foxy mask. Other children mock you to being afraid of the animatronics, Golden Freddy and Golden Bonnie. You aren’t alone in this adFredbearventure, though…

You have Fredbear.

Fredbear possessedFredbear is a little Golden Freddy plush that seems to almost haunt you, but still is your only friend. He gives you comfort, trying to tell you how to flee the Fredbear establishment, then when you give up, he quietly says that ‘tomorrow is another day’. Fredbear constantly feeds into the child’s ears, saying that he knew what he saw, that the animatronics were dangerous… You suffer being locked in the animatronic back room, hiding beneath tables to try to hide from the Golden Freddy, and trying to conquer your fears in time for your birthday.

But nothing ends happily in this day. Not even as you try to face your fears, you are soon dragged by your brother and his friends to get nice and close to the animatronics you fear. You beg them to let you go, but instead they heave you into the open mouth of singing Fredbear, and your small head is between the springed jaws. You squirm, crying, but the tears loosen the springs…

Snap.fnaf 4 bite

Your body falls limp in the jaws of the bear. Through little secrets, you can see pills on the side of your bed, an IV or flowers, leading to the idea that you have been induced to a coma this entire time. But as you finish your sixth night, fighting away your literal nightmares, you are in a scene with your plushes, your friends, surrounding you but begin to disappear as voices try to speak to you, saying that they’re sorry, but then they will put you back together. With each line, the plushes begin to disappear until you are left with only Fredbear. After a few last words to try to give hope, Fredbear disappears, and you can hear a faint flatline in the background.

You have died by the jaws of a Five Nights at Freddy’s animatronic.

This is just the surface, the basic details of this story. There is much more, to where it is rumored that the child then haunts the Golden Freddy that had taken your life, that a mysterious puppet that lingers ifnaf worldn the back of the restaurant in Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 has been the one behind giving life to the animatronics in the first place, or that there is a mysterious link between the child and the Purple Guy, or even the Phone Guy, the one that you have heard and listened to his voice since the very beginning. Or even the cute little RPG called FNaF World that has taken away the scary and has instead turned absolutely everything adorable.

This certainly won’t be the end, as Scott Cawthon has already begun making a spin off a few months ago, one that will release in October, if Scott manages to hold a time schedule. It will be called Sister Location, and already features a much different cast of chrome, shiny and very advance animatronics. I will be creating an article in the specifics of what we know of this game, but already, it looks much different and I can only tremble with anticipation to being scared once again.sister location

If you’d like to try one or all of these games, you can find them on steam. The first game is a measly five dollars, and if you’d like to get all four games for a discount, there is a grouping for twenty five. The games also go on sale very often, and may even be on sale as we speak. If you would rather watch than experience the scares themselves, then try watching the Markiplier playthrough, probably the best across Youtube. And make sure to keep an eye on Scott for more information as it comes out of Sister Location, as he frequently puts up teasers on this site.

Expect more articles, as I have only scratched the surface.

All images belong to Scott Cawthon, all being taken from the game or from teasers. Give it a share and spread the FNaF 101 history.

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