Fire Emblem Fates Launches May 20 in Europe


Nintendo has announced Fire Emblem Fates will launch in Europe on May 20. The game, which is a sequel to 3DS tactics title Fire Emblem: Awakening, is already available in Japan and North America.

As detailed in the Nintendo Direct stream held on March 4, both the Birthright and Conquest versions of Fire Emblem Fates will be available on this date. A downloadable add-on called Revelations will become available on eShop later on.

Nintendo did not specify a date for Revelations in Europe, but it is expected in North America on March 10.

For ultimate fans, there’s a pretty nice looking limited edition News 3DS XL model, too (the game won’t be included). Take a look at the video, and there’s a couple of images in the tweet below, too.



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