I finally Made It To The Canadian Border Eh! Victory On The Death Road


I finally made it to the Canadian border eh! I’ve been trying to beat this game on normal mode for months. Finally after much dedication, I happened to capture it on video.

I didn’t actually think I was going to beat it, so I didn’t bother to add commentary. I had made it to the point where I started recording a few times already, but something told me this was gonna be my lucky round.

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Lets talk about the events that led up to this epic victory run. I tried a new strategy on this playthrough, and it seemed to have good results.

My favorite custom character is the Martial Artist with the Warrior trait. I usually use my wife’s ninja character with the same traits as my partner. This time I created a new character with the Explorer perk and Charming trait I named HandyMan.

My ninja warrior character and explorer buddy both lasted nearly the entire game. Having this new explorer buddy by my side helped in several ways. He got free training from camps, opened new stage options (which really helped), and came up with compromises when being robbed.

Having him with us the whole game seemed to also help the teams overall moral. The Valkyrie joined the team early on in the game, and really provided the muscle we needed with her Thor like hammer.

The 4th character we picked up was a weak guy named Virgil. I put all the dirty choices on him, which helped my main 3 characters stay happy. I traded him with 3 days left for the Knight. The Knight fought 2 battles, and abandoned us right before the final wave of chaos.

Death Road to Canada - #GTUSA 2

On the final day it seems you always hit a first overwhelming siege. The first siege is already intense enough, but it is only the beginning. I lost my Ninja Warrior and Explorer buddy in this battle.

The Valkyrie survived to tell the tale, and went on to face the cheesed like a sardine can siege on her own with her trust hammer. I ran ran around the city blocks for 4 minutes strait steering the massive horde like cattle. I only was taking out the zombies in fronts of me to save my stamina.

After the time was up I decided to hit the record button. It was time to face the Canadian border wave.

As you can see in the video, it is insane. Had I not had the Valkyrie’s hammer I’m not sure if I could have beat it with my Ninja Warrior. After fighting off every last zombie in my path I was so happy to see the border.

So when you get to the border your so excited. Your greeted by a row of Canadian Mounties, a Mouse, and some happy looking beavers. But don’t celebrate to early.

The monster of all hordes begins to swarm on you as soon as you make it to the border. You try to just crash the border, but are blocked by the row of Mounties and are forced to fight.

Death Road to Canada - #GTUSA 3

One thought pops in your head when the Mounties block you. “Am I really going to die at the border?”

So I went to action with the Mounties, Mouse, and Beavers fighting by my side. I hugged the row of guards for dear life. The poor Mouse got taken out fast. Then a Super Robotic Canadian Bear came out of nowhere and started wrecking shop.

Finally when the line of Mounties opened up and I made it through, I couldn’t believe it. It still felt to good to be true. Then when I finally met the Prime Minister I came to the realization that I had finally did it.

My wife and I we’re so excited when I beat it. I am so happy I caught that moment on film. I can’t stress how into this game I am, and how many times of playing it took me to beat it. Another epic gaming moment. The dev’s made the ending extra intense.

Once you beat the game you unlock several other more challenging forms of the game. So I don’t think my battle with the Death Road is yet over. I hope you guys enjoyed the article and video.

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