Final Fantasy IX | Coming to PC



Final Fantasy IX will be making its way to PC and smartphones in Japan, Square Enix has announced. With this 4 of the biggest Final Fantasy titles will be available on the PC for purchase and play.

Final Fantasy 6-9 being on the PC makes those of us who truly enjoy these classics very excited. I personally already own all of them on both original console and the PC version. I have been waiting for 9 to reach this market for years.


At this time there is no official launch date for this in the western world, but we are expecting it to be within a reasonable amount of time from this announcement.

Final Fantasy IX sold over 2.65 million copies in Japan by the end of 2000, making it the second-highest selling game of the year there. Although it was a top-seller in Japan and America, Final Fantasy IX did not sell as well as Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VIII in either Japan or the United States.As of March 31, 2003, the game had sold 5.30 million copies worldwide. The game was voted the 24th-best game of all time by readers of the Japanese magazine Famitsu.


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