FF7 Episodes | The Final Post



With all the excitement surrounding the announcement of Final Fantasy 7 the Remake. We have forgotten that times have changed. With time changes comes many other changes; likes, abilities, technology. All of these things have changed since the original launched almost 20 years ago.

These changes can cause many upgrades to games that we loved as a child. Better graphics enhanced combat and a more in depth story.

However, these changes can come with many other things we did not want. For example Episodic releases of one of the greatest games out there. Based on the explanation for this from developers is that the releases will be from different points of characters in the game.

How do you break down a 60 hour game into Episodic versions is beyond me. Either we are going to get a lot more story, a lot of filler or very short games. This is the biggest thing that worries me. I can handle the changes to combat, summons, materia (because these can be improved) but to destroy the story for what I can only imagine is a money grab.

I LOVE the Final Fantasy games, almost all of them (except 13 and its blasphemy). Square be damned if they try to make a money grab out of the greatest franchise ever.

But I digress, even as I complain I salivate at the thought of running around as my favorite blue eyed SOLDIER. Through Midgard again, regardless of how many games I have to play to see Cloud, Tifa, Barret and the gang in high def free moving baddassery!

As a final breakdown and my last post pertaining to this game until its official launch I am, as a true Final Fantasy fan, I cannot for the life of me wait to waste so much time playing this and any following FF7 games.