Female Gamers


The topic that I would like to talk about today is female gamers. Female gamers are basically divided into three groups. There are gamer girls, fake gamer girls, and girls who quit gaming because of harassment that they get from guys. On Xbox Live the harassment is especially bad. There are children on there who call you very colorful names but I’ll get into that topic another time.

In order to be a gamer girl you need to have tough skin. When you beat people on any game they instantly accuse you of being a hacker. It’s good for female gamers to not care about what other people think. Often females are turned away from gaming because of the way guys treat them.

Fake female gamers are those girls that you see on YouTube who are playing games and showing off their bodies to get attention. Fake female gamers will say that they game but they don’t know what Dragon Ball Z is. Sometimes it’s obvious that a girl is a fake gamer but it’s never okay to just assume. Some females that are new to the gaming industry might not be very good at a game or have a lot of knowledge on a game so they instantly get accused of being a fake female gamer. Everyone is a noob at some point.

Now we are down to females that quit gaming because of the way that they are treated. I quit playing Xbox live for a while because of the things that people said on there. Eventually I didn’t care anymore but it’s a real problem and it turns away a lot of female gamers because no one wants to go through that. It is not just on Xbox live either. Females can get verbally harassed on YouTube or any sort of social media.

If you are one of the guys who treats female gamers like this than stop. Start treating these girls with some respect because they go through a lot so that they can play games. Maybe support them instead of turning them away. If you did that there might be some more real female gamers in the gaming community.

Written by Destiny Little

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