That Feeling When You Get The Game You’ve Been Waiting For


That Feeling When You Get The Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Have you ever experienced the pre-order jitters? The feeling you get when you pre-order a game months ahead of time, and the anticipation drives you crazy.

The enthusiastic looking guy in the above images name is Tejai Morton. You may know him as one of GT USA’s admin on Facebook, or as the YouTube gaming hip hop artist KCT Anthems. He is as hardcore of a gamer as they come!

I remember when they first announced Yooka-Laylee, he was so hyped up about it. Tejai is a huge Banjo Kazooie fan as you’ll see from the following video.

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So I know Tejai rushed right out and pre-ordered Yooka-Laylee as soon as he could. I can only imagine the pre-order jitters hes had all this time.

When he posted the picture of him looking like that crazy kid who got a N64 for Xmas, it even made me excited with him. I know that feeling of wanting a game so bad, when you finally get the game, it feels like your dreams have come true.

Video games can be such a positive outlet in so many ways. When your a hardcore gamer, gaming becomes part of your life. For Tejai I’m sure the moment when he took that picture was one of those personal treasured moments in his gaming history he’ll never forget.

That Feeling When You Get The Game You've Been Waiting For - #GTUSA 2

His picture is so epic it inspired me to put this quick post together to talk about that look on his face. If you’ve ever waited months for a game, you know all about this magical feeling.

Most gamers have many epic moments in their personal gaming history that they’ll never forget. I just had one a couple weeks ago when my wife came home with my new Alienware laptop. We love to hear our readers comments, so please let us know what some of your most treasured gaming memories in the comment section below.

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