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Ordinary people compete in the world’s deadliest challenges in the Guts and Glory games! Do you have what it takes to win?

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Wanna try it out? Free download link below! Enjoy ūüėÄ

It's fine. It's fine... everything's fi--
It’s fine. It’s fine… everything’s fi–

NOTE: ¬†The full game will have an option to remove children/blood, if so desired… or increase blood and gore, whichever your little heart desires.

Guts and Glory is a game about ordinary people competing in extraordinary challenges of life and death! ¬†People from all walks of life compete in the world’s deadliest¬†vehicular¬†obstacle courses for their shot at riches and glory in the craziest gameshow on earth–the Guts and Glory Games!

THE GOAL IS SIMPLE: Race to the finish as quickly as you can while everything tries to kill you!  Can you do it?

[insert Michael Bay comments here]
[insert Michael Bay comments here]

Some people say it’s like a 3D Happy Wheels. ¬†Others say it reminds them of Turbo Dismount, BeamNG, or even Super Meat Boy!¬†But what it ultimately becomes will be up to you!

A Level Editor will be a core feature of the game and the dev will work hard to use gamer feedback during development. I’m always involved in discussions with fans and strive to build something that will become a long-term favorite in your gaming collection!

Click here to download FREE PRE-ALPHA BUILD! New v0.3.3
Click here to download FREE PRE-ALPHA BUILD! New v0.3.3



Of course, you don’t have to take my word for it. ¬†You can download a shiny new version of the early alpha build for FREE, over at¬†, and join in the community conversations via the links below. ¬†This new update unlocks Earl and his ATV, plus 7 more challenges and DESTRUCTION!

Currently for Windows/Mac/Linux.  If it does really well on PC, then they may be able to port it over to consoles.

It has already been Greenlit on Steam and they plan on releasing an Early Access version in Spring 2017. ¬†How awesome that version is, and how far this project goes, depends largely on this Kickstarter and your support ūüėČ

If you like it, please drop back by and show your support with the Backer Reward options.  Thank you for your support!

Heck, there are even FREE ways to support the project by spreading the word on social media and requesting plays from your favorite YouTubers and Twitchers. ¬†See “COMMUNITY GOALS” section for a list of FREE ways to help support this project and get extra features added to the game!

Let’s make Guts and Glory bigger, better, and faster!¬†

Smashin' crashin' ragdoll physics fun in open sandbox courses built by you and me!
Smashin’ crashin’ ragdoll physics fun in open sandbox courses built by you and me!


Guts and Glory is just wacky physics fun! ¬†Levels will range from easy-going random goofiness to super-skilled, rage-inducing difficulties. ¬†There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

A Level Editor will be a core part of the game, so there’s no telling what other players will create!

Players will select from a wide variety of vehicles, including realistic bicycles, poorly built cars, and rocket-powered homemade contraptions (and a WHOLE LOT MORE). They’ll race to the finish line through 3D worlds with full 360 degrees of freedom, dodging all sorts of hazards, including sawblade windmills, giant wrecking balls, medieval cannons and crazy turrets. The list continues to grow….

Each vehicle is completely physics-driven, with 100% ragdoll riders, realtime dismemberment, and dynamic vehicle damage.

This means that every turn, every crash, and every death is unique‚ÄĒand often results in hilarious scenarios! Severed limbs spray blood all over nearby characters and the environment as you struggle to hang on and reach the finish line. Vehicles get dented, smashed and lose parts. Wheels can be popped or just knocked off completely. Determined players on tough tracks will find themselves hobbling across the finish line bloodied, missing limbs, stuck full of arrows, on a smashed vehicle only one hit away from being incapacitated!

Of course, just trying to crash and die in spectacular ways is a lot of fun all by itself!

If you don't be quiet I'm gonna drive this car off a cliff!
If you don’t be quiet I’m gonna drive this car off a cliff!


Guts and Glory has been my baby for well over a year now.¬† they’ve put my blood, sweat and tears into building this part-time. ¬†In-between working a demanding full-time job, half-time enrollment at college, and being a family man, Ithe dev has¬† managed to squeeze in enough development time to bring you the features you can find in the demo/videos, which include:

  • Three Playable Vehicles and their associated Characters, the “Heroes” of the Guts and Glory Games
  • Physics-based vehicles with real-time damage and deformation. Wheels pop, nearly every part can be dented, bent, or smashed off.
  • Physics-based character damage with real-time dismemberment and blood everywhere. ¬†(Adjustment settings will be added later.)
  • A growing list of Hazards, including: Cannons, Crossbows, Landmines, Bombs, Bombs, Spikes and more!
  • Special Items, such as Speed Boosters and Mega Fans… well, these can be Hazards sometimes too… everything can become a hazard in this game in some way.
  • Two sandbox Maps with dynamic frictions, so dusty dirt roads have less traction than paved roads, for example.
  • Lots of free levels to play and try out the game!
  • Destruction! ¬†Added several breakable items, such as fences, barrels, vases, tables, glass windows and more!
This is why you should buckle up before driving....
This is why you should buckle up before driving….


The core mechanics of this game lay the foundation for a huge amount of potential.  While they have more ideas than they will probably ever be able to implement, here are the ones that they know will be added for sure:

  • LEVEL EDITOR! ¬†with Steam Workshop integration. ¬†This will be a core part of the game and also available to Beta Testers and Steam Early Access purchasers. ¬†This is my top priority to complete before the game launches on Early Access.
  • More Heroes: ¬†New characters and vehicles, including flying/hovering types.
  • More Hazards:¬† Fire? ¬†Lava? ¬†Death rays? ¬†Laser cats? ¬†Exploding vampire babies? ¬†There are so many possibilities.
  • More Special Items: ¬†Zero Gravity Boosters? ¬†Magnetic Fields? ¬†Time Control Zones? ¬†Psychedelic trips?
  • AI Characters: ¬†I will definitely add simple artificial intelligence characters to the game, such as pedestrians that wander about and run away screaming. ¬†I would like to add some more complex characters as well, like chainsaw-wielding maniacs that chase you.
  • 100 “Official” Challenges, spread across 10 different themed Maps.
  • Even more controller support + control mapping and customizations.
  • Further Steam integration
  • In-Game Video/GIF sharing! #GutsAndGlory #GnG
  • “Family Friendly Mode”
  • Extreme Blood and Gore settings
This is a real thing... seriously! Google "Dutch Cargo Bikes"
This is a real thing… seriously! Google “Dutch Cargo Bikes”
Ready for some flying challenges?
Ready for some flying challenges?


Jack and Jill went up the hill....
Jack and Jill went up the hill….

Once all that is complete, if the project continues to get enough support, then they would like to expand it with more Game Modes and content!  These are not confirmed plans, but just ideas to showcase further future potential for this project.  Some ideas for this include:

  • Safety Bus/Taxi: You are Chuck. You are a bus/taxi driver‚Ķ except your bus/taxi is just an old pickup truck, painted yellow, with wooden bench seats bolted into the bed. (Hey, local budgets are really tight!) Your job is to pick up and deliver passengers to their destinations as quickly as possible‚ÄĒwith minimum casualties or collateral damage.
  • Adventure Time: This game mode would play similar to a 3D platformer adventure game‚ÄĒbut in vehicles and totally physics driven. Would include weapons, power-ups, and epic boss fights.
  • Deathmatch Arena: Challenge Friends in a battle to the death. Think Super Mario Kart arenas‚ÄĒbut with bloody deaths and dismemberments! ¬†Multiplayer is very difficult though, so this is probably the most challenging concept to execute.
Bringing joy to the world through the power of ragdoll physics!
Bringing joy to the world through the power of ragdoll physics!


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