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MegaCrasher – The Shirtless Maniac

Recently I came across one of the most energetic and enthusiastic gamers possibly on all of the internet. This wildman goes by the name of MegaCrasher, and is making some serious waves on the gaming YouTube scene.

MegaCrasher primarily does Pokemon videos, but switches it up from time to time. He also loves to do shout outs, and does a lot to help the community grow.

The first thing you’ll notice when you watch his channel is the amount of energy he always has. This guy stays pumped. He puts so much energy and enthusiasm into his videos that you can’t help but get excited with him.

He also obviously goes the extra mile with all of his content. All of his videos are well produced with good thumbnails. There is a good reason he has 4k+ subscribers and growing.

If you’ve ever tried to grow a YouTube channel, then you know its by no means easy. Personally I’m still learning the ropes. Guys like MegaCrasher give me a lot of inspiration. I’m not into most of the big name YouTubers. Crasher is the type of real life guy I could go out and have some beers with.

So if your like me, and prefer to follow channels with video creators you can relate to, SMASH that subscribe button on his channel. This guy is the real deal, and one of the coolest video creators I’ve come across. He also gives shout outs on request, and is very active with comments. Don’t be afraid to connect with him.

Welcome to a new start and a new journey as MegaCrasher! This channel, like MegaMasher, is going to focus on Pokemon related content. There may be videos added that are not related to Pokemon however I will assure you, that you will enjoy whatever I present to you all! :]

This channel has: – Pokemon reviews – Pokemon battles – Team Building – Rate My Team – Pokemon Tributes – Discussions – Reactions/Reviews – Skits/Funny rage videos – and MUCH more!!

I also take requests so if you have anything you would like to see, Pokemon related, then fire me a comment here and I will be sure to bring it with a BANG!! :]

Also, if you want to reach me for a battle, I do battles on Pokemon Showdown! :] My main username is MegaCrasher!


Subscribe Here: MegaCrasher


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