Fatshark Giving Away 1 Million Lead and Gold Keys



1.000.000 Games Will Get New Owners From Fatshark


Fatshark loves Lead and Gold, and spreading love is always a great thing. Therefore they are now giving away one million games, and the catch is that there is no catch. Just have fun.


“Lead and Gold was our very first game, and it has a very special place in our heart. It is a great game that we are proud to be able to share with one million gamers”, says Martin Wahlund, CEO of Fatshark. “Get your cowboy on, and see you in the Wild West.”



About Lead and Gold

Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a third-person shooter that delivers an intense team-based multiplayer experience. Relive the violent era of the Wild West with adrenaline-fueled action and fast-paced gunfights. Engage in gritty battles in beautifully rendered classic Western settings. Players will test their mettle in genre-specific game modes and levels tailor-made for satisfying team play.


Lead and Gold features the unique synergy system, which provides power-ups to encourage co-operation and team tactics. This system accentuates the frantic shooter and objective-oriented gameplay by rewarding players who focus on cooperation and play as a team.


  • Four playable characters with different strengths and weaknesses, adding depth and variety
  • A multitude of different game modes and settings, all with a distinct feeling of the Old West, providing increased longevity
  • Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West uses the synergy system to reward players that play as a team
  • Game modes and mechanics are designed to be easy to understand


Get your own copy of Lead and Gold Here


Fatshark is also exited to feature their newest upcoming game Warhammer: Vermintide.


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