Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water Review


Fatal Frame Maiden of Black Water is definitely one of the best Wii U games to have come to the States. I’ll go over the sorry,  gameplay,  and difficulty.  Enjoy!

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Story: 4.5

The games story is one of the best in the series (only being worse then the second games). You play as 3 characters,  who each have different reasons for going to Mounr Hikami. They mostly start each mission in town, then end up going Mounr Hikami. They’re forced to solve the mystery of the mountain, in time to survive.

Gameplay:  4.0

Fatal Frame Review - #GTUSA 1Fatal Frame was made for a gamepad. The combat is great because when you move the pad, you’re aiming the camera. It doesn’t take much space because the left stick still controls movement.

The ghosts aren’t the best in the series,  but they’re designed with the camera controls in mind. Though each of the the ghosts are different from the last games

The game is more linear then the other games. You can press ZR to make a spiritual presence appear that shows you where to go. Most the time it’s just point a to point b. Though there are a few times that it isn’t.

Also it carries on the old horror game tradition of the back story being in text documents, something that I was happy to see.

Difficulty: 3.5

There are a few things *cough cough* ghosts *cough cough* in this game that are hard, but for the most part, it’s rather easy, though one you beat the game, you unlock a more challenging difficulty, Nightmare Mode.

Some of the fights that are hard, or would be hard, are avoidable by running to the next doorway and going into the next room. Sometimes they’ll lock the door till you win the fight, but that doesn’t happen often enough.

They also overload you with items before each mission (they don’t carry over between missions) and then also give you the ability to spend points to get even more items.

Fatal Frame Review - #GTUSA 4

Overall: 4 out of 5

There are some annoying things about the game, but the good off sets it. Of course it isn’t the best in the series, but it is one of the better ones. It’s also a good entry point for the series and I highly recommend it.

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