“The Far Frontier” Is On Steam Greenlight


The Far Frontier

Earlier today I met a really cool game developer by the name of Jeff Baker. He is currently promoting his most recent project The Far Frontier, which has recently made its way to Steam Greenlight.

The Far Frontier is a colorful strategy puzzle game that looks like a lot of fun. As soon as it hit Greenlight it was well received by the community. I noticed that Jeff posted an update today announcing that the game has already received 886 likes. I’m not sure if that is enough to be greenlighted, but its impressive either way.

If you know anything about video game development I don’t need to tell you about the struggles of the modern game dev. Producing a good game is only half the battle. Getting it out to the public is an entirely different fight. It is by no means easy to get a game out to the masses. That is why I am always happy to show game developers support. Just a thumbs up usually means the world to them. When I notice a hard working dev promoting a good looking game I love to go the extra mile and show support by featuring it with an article.

Far frontier is a game that will turn you into a young commander in chief Lord Medosa. By order of the King Lord must perform an important mission. Do not let the hordes of Orcs break the small garrison on distant borders. It’s time to feel like a lord, recruit the best mercenaries, explore new opportunities to equip their soldiers to fight the orcs to the glory of the King and the history Adioniya land.

– New Look for the match 3
– Build Own Garrison
– Dynamic fights
– Learning AI system
– Multiple Abilities Warriors
– Different missions and landscape

Check Out The Far Frontier On Greenlight Here


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