Fans Still Want A Metallica Game! Does Heavy Metal Have A Place In Gaming?


Back in 2005 Metallica was set to release a game on the PS2 named Damage Inc. It was being developed by Black Rock Studio, which has now gone under. The game was a post-apocalyptic driving/ adventure type filled with much mayhem, and Metallica music. I envision Twisted Metal Meets Metallica. Twisted Metallica!!!

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Black Rock Studio and Metallica released the cheesy game trailer above on the bands St. Anger album, and some cool concept art by British artist Calum Alexander Watt was released. This game had gamers who love heavy metal very excited.  When you see an official game trailer for a legendary band that was produced by a reputable video game studio, you automatically think the release is set in stone. It turned out not to be the case in this situation. They game faded away, but still has not been forgotten.

Growing up a fan of heavy metal, I think that it has a big place in gaming. Nothing can amp the mood up in a action sequence like a good heavy metal tune. Even though Revolution X kind of sucked, it was popular just because it featured Aerosmith. The Twisted Metal series was already popular, but when TW4 included Zombie, it really boosted interests. Brütal Legend was amazing because it included metal stars Lemmy, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, and Lita Ford as voice actors. In 1999 Iron Maiden even had a game based on their mascot named ED Hunter.

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No doubt heavy metal has made its mark on gaming. The above mentions were just a small portion of heavy metal and rock n’ rolls impacts in the gaming world. So Metallica’s PS2 game died in the water before reaching land. Since we looked at the most anticipated unreleased game ever “Socks The Cat: Rocks The Hill” on Kickstarter last weekend, I thought it was appropriate timing to highlight one of my favorite bands failed attempts.

Not only did I just want to feature this game in an article, I wanted to make a point that metal and gaming go together. It would be awesome to see this game be brought back to life like Socks The Cat, or a different Metallica game all together. I’d also like to see a Pantera, Slipknot, White Zombie, System of a down, or many other legendary metal bands get their own games. A metal fighting game featuring all the legends of metal would be killer.

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The concept art found in this post is by the epic artist Calum Alexander Watt. If you’ve never heard of him, we highly recommend you check out the work on his personal website.

What do you think about a little heavy metal mixed with your gaming pleasure? Does heavy metal have a place in gaming? What ideas do you have to incorporate more metal into video games? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Rock On, & Game On!!!

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