Fan-Made HoloLens Pokemon Game Blows Pokemon Go Away


Pokémon GO isn’t exactly what we’d call augmented reality—based on the game’s (and smartphone’s) lack of computer vision and environmental mapping—but fans of the megalithic pocket monster franchise aren’t sitting on their hands waiting for Nintendo or Niantic to build a real augmented reality version of Pokémon. One HoloLens developer has made HoloLens Pokemon RPG game, blowing Pokemon Go right out of the water.

The video shows a head-tracked augmented reality Pokemon battle system called PokeLens, which tracks user hand-gestures to take inputs. Pokemon appear in the environment around the wearer, and battle it out in a fashion akin that of classic Pokemon games in the series, with special attacks, quick attacks, and Pokeball capturing.

The developers of this battle system are KennyWdev and 3D artist Joshua Liew.

PokeLens is an unofficial fan project for the moment, but who knows? We can only hope the future of AR gaming will allow Pokemon fans to scratch beneath the superficial combat system found in Niantic Labs’ popular mobile juggernaut, at least until we hear more about the recently teased Battle Mode

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