More Fallout 4 Mods You Need to Download Before Nuka World


More Fallout 4 Lore Friendly Immersive Mods

If you have read my Fallout 4 Fully Modded Survivor guide, you know how much I love adding immersive mods to up the Survival Mode Experience of Fallout 4.  Since Nuka World debuts August 30, I thought I would update my project to include a few more awesome mods that I’ve recently installed. (And no, I’m not talking about the Donald Trump mod.)

Unique Uniques by trainwiz

This mod gives all the unique weapons in the game an awesome visual twist. In addition, it makes that custom part can be removed via weaponsmithing and added to any weapon of the same class.

Watch out, though – this mod changes some of the effects of the unique weapons and is best with a new save file. For example, this mod transforms the much loved (and very overpowered) Overseer’s Guardian from a “two-shot” variant to doing more damage indoors. (You could still put the unique Vault-Tek stock on a two-shot rifle, though)

In Trainwiz's mod, the Overseer's Guardian is made so by the unique "Vault-Tek stock."

In Trainwiz’s mod, the Overseer’s Guardian is made so by the unique “Vault-Tek stock.”

Live Dismemberment by DeathclawAlpha

In Survival, combat is too loud and fast to mess around with trying to cripple limbs. It would be a lot easier to say…blow them off. With this highly customizable mod, it’s a lot easier for the player todisable pesky super-mutants, deatchlaws, and even enemy humans. Be wary though,enemeis will attack with any weapon still available to them, including their teeth and feet!

He could bite ya! (Thanks HadtoRegister)

He could bite ya! (Thanks HadtoRegister)

Tales of the Commonwealth from Kris Takahashi

This mod is a little underground because it’s not on the Mod Nexus, but this mod is one of the best quests mods available in the Commonwealth. If you don’t believe, me, watch the trailer below.

Xander’s Aid by neeher


Xander’s Aid – a New Quest mod featuring the Firelance Weapon


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