Fallout 4 Mod Insight: “Horizon – Survival Mode Expanded”


In preparation for the upcoming Nuka World  expansion, I’ve been experimenting will all manner of Falllout 4 mods. My goal? The most hardcore, diverse, and enthralling Survival Experience possible.Yesterday, I installed a brand new mod called Horizon – Survival Expanded. Horizon adjusts a huge number of things about Fallout 4, including leveling, loot, health and combat. I loaded Horizon into my Version of Fallout 4 and started a new save last night, and streamed live on the GameTraders Facebook. The video is an hour and a half, but I’ve got the timestamps for the best parts.

29 Minutes – Immortal Deer | 57 – Minutes Machete Fight | 1 hour – Deathclaw fight.

I’ve seemed to misjuded my audio levels resulting in inaudible microphone, but overall this was a very enjoyable mod to play. However, the issue I’ve noticed is it seems to have conflicts with every other mod I have. If you’re interested in this mod, check the features below and consider playing it standalone.

  • Massive overhaul and rebalance of many gameplay elements:  Stats, NPC’s, items, perks, loot, etc.
  • Survival and combat is more challenging without feeling bloated
  • Most perks have been rebalanced, and some are completely redesigned
  • The loot system has been revamped, reducing the overabundance of many items
  • New crafted items and components for medical supplies and utilities
  • New settlement objects: defenses, vendors, decorations, and a new type of crafting station
  • New carry weight bonuses that can be crafted based on your allies and skills
  • New fast travel system built for survival mode
  • Various minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • Optional screen effect tweaks
  • Full support for all DLC’s

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