Fall of Freya (Alpha 1) SPECIAL PROMOTION! Offer ends October 7th


Fall of Freya (Alpha 1) hit steam early access today. Fall of Freya is a magnificently designed Sci-Fi Survival Shooter, created by a small indie team, that’s Powered by the Unreal Engine 4. For this Alpha 1 release GOTY LLC is offering a special promotion reducing the price from $39.99, to $23.99 (40% off). The following is what the developers stated in a update today.

“Remember that there will be substantial changes within the upcoming weeks to the product, if you don’t want there to be constant updates to the game, feel free to wait until Alpha 2, which will bring massive changes to the build. (ex., it shrinks the current 20 gig size –> 4 gigs and lowers overhead by ~50% while still maintaining the same visual fidelity. )”

So they have some bugs to work out. It is the nature of Steam’s Early Access. Fall of Freya looks like a masterpiece in the making. If you don’t mind a few hiccups as the dev’s work out the bugs, you can take advantage of special promotion before October 7th, 2016. If you wait you could end up paying the full $39.99, or more.

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About The Game

Sci-Fi Survival Shooter created by a small indie team. Powered by the Unreal Engine 4.


  • Removed *Toxic (needs rework)
  • Refined Blinker
  • Refined Melder
  • Added Complete List of Avaliable/Developing Enemy Types/Modifiers

*Husk: Standard enemy type; melee; no defining traits.

Fall of Freya (Alpha 1) - #GTUSA 2

Elites (Traits)

  • Sprinter: Randomized 10-50% movement bonus; Updates will have visuals reflect on degree of bonus
  • Tank: Randomized 25-100% bonus health, 5-25% damage resistence, 0-50% movement penalty
  • Melder: Toggles invisibility at random intervals; Contains randomized ai behavior flux
  • Blinker: Teleports towards player locations at random intervals; Intervals set at spawn, but flux as time passes
  • Toxic: (disabled; rebalancing) damages players from afar, 2 types of 2 variants determined at spawn (immobile/mobile & damage tick/disabling regen)
  • Septic: (removed; reworking into boss) Disables/Reverses 1 random movement control
  • Voltic: (disabled; rebalancing) Disrupts HUD info, weapon functionality
  • Shiver: (disabled; recoding) Deals Frostbite damage

Sapper: (disabled; recoding) Impairs players movement, degree varies from 20-50% and 1-5 seconds
Fall of Freya (Alpha 1) - #GTUSA 3

  • Ink:(disabled; Elite; requires recoding): 1-3 Randomized Traits. Disables/Switches player controls and functionality
  • Splitter: (disabled; recoding) 1 Randomized Trait. Spawns as an identicle pair – Master & Servant. If the servant is killed, rather than dying, it splits into 2. When the master dies, all servants die with it.
  • Splicer: (disabled; Elite; needs balancing) No initial Traits. Spawns as a Husk, gains Traits and Strengthens them overtime with no limits
  • Trench: (disabled; Elite; requires recoding) 3-6 Randomized Traits. Counters damage types, but only immune to one type at any given moment

Fall of Freya (Alpha 1) - #GTUSA 4

Get Fall of Freya On Steam For $23.99 Here

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