Fantastic Fairy Tail Anime Review


Today I get to review one of my all-time favorite anime’s, Fairy Tail. Our story takes place in a far-out world where magic is possible. All wizards dream of joining a high-end guild such as Fairy Tail. Fairy tail is known for its fierce wizards and their will to never give up. Also for the fact that they always over kill it, and destroy everything in the process of fighting evil.

Fairy tail has a few main characters. Here are some of the key players.

  • Lucy
  • Gray 
  • Natzue
  • Happy
  • Erza

thThese five characters basically are the dream team. More members join this dream team over time, but I don’t want to spoil any of those characters for you.

So what makes the guild stand out? Unlike any other guild their head wizard/owner of the guild encourages them to push the limits. doing so he has the most bad ass guild around!

The fairy tail guild is full of different characters, it has everything from hot heads, mellow cool people, loners, and lovers. But one thing is the same with all of them, that’s their drive to win no matter what!



A good hero in the story needs good villains. Some of the villain’s fairy tail fights have the most amazing back stories that draw you in, and almost make you feel for them. It shows that one bad life decision can turn you into a villain. This anime puts so much time into the villains stories. I’d say it has some of the best of anime’s villains around.

It doesn’t just have an amazing story, and amazing characters. It gets even better! Fairy tail is known for its amazing soundtrack, and how long of an anime it is. Episodes are still in production. I Highly Recommend you check out this master piece, and give it an Outstanding Review!!!



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