Facebook Launches An In-App Camera With Unique Art And 3D Special Effects


Messenger launched a new tool complete with art and special effects on Thursday. The update lets users exchange photos with text, stickers, animated effects, illustrated frames and doodles.


The update is set to roll out globally to Messenger users in the coming days.

The additions are clearly meant as hedges against Snapchat’s colorful, goofy conversations, although that doesn’t appear to be the only goal. To some extent, this is a response to Apple Messages, Google Allo and other relatively straightforward chat apps introducing some fun-oriented features. Facebook Messenger isn’t strictly boring, but it’s easy to imagine chatters drifting toward the competition if they find conversations more exciting in those rival apps.

‘We’ve seen that the way people are messaging is becoming much more visual,’ said Facebook in a statement.

“Take a selfie and transform into a reindeer or play with falling snow.”

“We’ve worked with artists and influencers all over the world and these artists have added their own touch to the customization tools you can now use in Messenger.”

‘Men fact, over 2.5 billion emojis, photos, stickers and videos are sent every day on Messenger.

“As more people use Messenger in their everyday lives, we wanted to make it faster, simpler, and more fun to send photos and videos.”

‘In some ways the camera is now replacing the keyboard’.


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