Face Your Fears In “My own little planet”


My Own Little Planet

‘My own little planet’ tells the story of a lost boy who is trapped on a dark and strange world. Fight your deepest fears and find an exit to this madness!

I met the developer of this oddly terrify 2D platformer after featuring The Far Frontier on Steam Greenlight. Lucas Parise noticed my post and asked me to check out his game that’s also on Steam Green light. Right away I loved the artistic spooky style of the game. So I figured I’d check it out and feature it today.

Since there is a free demo on Gamejolt I decided to do a quick gameplay vid for this article. Sorry about missing the stop recording hotkey at the end there. A little short on time today.

So there is a lot to say about this game. The first thing I love about the game is it cool creepy look. Lucus really did a good job with the spooky art. It reminds me of something Tim Burton would make. He also added a eerie original soundtrack that compliments the game nicely.

Now for game-play this game can get intense. There is a lot of timed running and jumping. When not running and jumping there is usually something deadly coming at you. The check points are spread kind of far apart, so dying can get pretty frustrating at times.

Its a very fast paced challenging game for sure. Dying and having to keep trying over and over again to memorize the stages can be daunting. Though when you finally clear an area you get that sweet sense of accomplishment like the platformers of the 90s.

My own little planet - #GTUSA 4

The 5 levels on the demo provide quite a bit of game-play time. I’m very interested to see what other artistic levels and strange creatures the full game has in store.

I will say this game is tough, but overall I think its a work of art. Its fun, challenging, and nice to look at all at the same time. I give it a Very Positive rating.

If you like what you see there a couple of ways you can support the game and developer. You can give it your stamp of approval on Steam Greenlight, you can give follow the games Facebook Fan Page, or Subscribe to Lucas’s YouTube channel.

My own little planet - #GTUSA 3


Travel together with a lonely boy to a dark and strange world, where all of your fears and feeling takes the most terrifying form of existence. Without any memories nor guesses on how he ended up there, the boy must collect all the memories he finds in his way to put an end to this infinite loop of madness and fright.


  • 5 acts with 5 episodes each, that earns you more than 5 hours of a thrilling experience of gameplay.
  • INSANE bosses in the end of each act to test your courage and what you have learned from it.
  • A gallery that gives you necessary info of each creature that you have already found in the game.
  • Achievements that will blow your mind!
  • A soundtrack that will touch your deepest feelings!
  • And a story that makes even grown up men get a warmed heart.

My own little planet - #GTUSA 2

“My own little planet” is not just a game that you play, but a game that plays with you!


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