Fable Legends Shuts Down Officially, Refunds Available


Earlier this year we got the surprising news that Microsoft was shutting down developer Lionhead Studios and cancelling production on the upcoming free-to-play Fable Legends, though the game’s servers remained online for a while for those who had downloaded it previously. However, today marks the end of the ride.

The ability to purchase Fable Legends’ in-game currency was switched off in March. If you purchased the currency, called Gold, but never spent it, Microsoft will give you a refund. Instructions for how to get a refund can be found on the Lionhead Forums.

“From all of us here at Lionhead Studios, we would like to thank you for participating in the closed beta and being a part of the game’s development,” the developer said in a statement. “All stories have to end eventually, but the memories of Heroic triumphs and Villainous plots will last forever. Thank you for your support–you are all Legends!”

Fable Legends was in development for Xbox One and PC. It was originally scheduled to launch in 2015 through an open beta, but that never happened. Microsoft had high hopes for the free-to-play game, as the company said the title had the potential live for 5 to 10 years, with regular content coming to keep it fresh.


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