After Cancellation, Fable Legends beta to stay online until April


Following Microsoft’s announcement that Fable Legends had been canceled and that developer Lionhead Studios might be closing its doors, it’s now been confirmed exactly when the game’s beta will come down and more.

Though no new players will be admitted, the closed beta will stay online through Wednesday, April 13. Disabling all in-game purchases from here on out, the studio also promised full refunds for any that have already spent real-world currency on the game. Any affected players should receive further information in the form of an email within the next week.

Explaining the decisions in Microsoft’s original announcement this morning, General Manager Hanno Lemke stated, “These changes are taking effect as Microsoft Studios continues to focus its investment and development on the games and franchises that fans find most exciting and want to play.”

Fable Legends was in development for Xbox One and PC. It was originally scheduled to launch in 2015 through an open beta, but that never happened. Microsoft had high hopes for the free-to-play game, as the company said the title had the potential live for 5 to 10 years, with regular content coming to keep it fresh.

In addition to Fable Legends’ cancelation, Microsoft also announced the shuttering of Press Play Studios in Denmark and cancelation of its Project Knoxville.

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