My Experience With “Guts and Glory” Was All Guts & No Glory


Guts and Glory

Guts and Glory has been on my wish list since it was on Kickstarter. I finally made it to trying it out only to discover I totally suck at this game.

Its a pretty cool game judging from what I’ve played of it so far. I had a real difficult time getting the controls down. They felt a little to loose. I also had a hard time seeing the saw blades and mines.

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My gameplay video was basic and just to show you what to expect from this game. I definitely think it will require some more practice. Sadly I can’t say this game meets my expectations. It looks much cooler on the surface. Its a decent game worth checking out at the same time.

On Steam Guts and Glory got a Positive User Review. I’m going to agree with Positive. It has negative drawbacks, but at the same time its kind of fun.

It is worth noting that this is an early access game, and could see many improvements. Its already fun as is, but still has more potential.

Guts and Glory - #GTUSA 2

Welcome to Guts and Glory — The craziest game show on earth, where ordinary people compete in extraordinary challenges of life and death, for glory!

The objective is simple: Race to the finish line while everything tries to kill you.

Dodge spinning saw blades, deadly spikes, explosives, turrets, and a growing list of other hazards—while navigating insane tracks set in a wide variety of environments. A game full of LOLs and WTFs and OMGs, where failing can be just as much fun as winning. Do it to prove your awesomeness. Do it for the laughs. Do it for the glory!

Current Features:

  • Physics-driven vehicles with dynamic damage and destruction
  • 100% ragdoll riders, with realtime dismemberment and blood (guts coming soon!)
  • In-Game Level Editor with Steam Workshop integration
  • Pedestrian characters to run over (no AI yet)
  • Destructible props and environments: smash through windows, fences, etc.
  • Loads of Hazards: cannons, explosives, wrecking balls, circular saws and so much more
  • Special Items: Mega Fans, Turbo Boosters, and more
  • 4 Unique Vehicles and their associated Heroes (12 planned)
  • 25 Official Tracks (100 planned)
  • Community Tracks for endless new content!
  • PLUS new features/content being added each month, using your feedback in the Community!

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