“Eternal Champions” Was Released 24 Years Ago Today


For Eternal Champions 24th Anniversary we’re paying homage today with the some history and the intro video, which was pretty much the story line.

In the early 90s Street Fighter 2 and Mortal Kombat were 2 of the most popular games around. Together they pretty much defined the fighting game genre.

In 1993 Sega tried to capitalize on the popularity in the fighting game genre with Eternal Champions.

While most fighting games of the 90s originated as arcade cabinets, Eternal Champions was developed from the ground up as a home console title.

The game tried to focus on their story line more in depth than other fighting games at the time. Like Time Killers, the characters were pulled from different periods of time. The game-play featured reflectable projectiles, forcefields, weapons, and their finishers were called “Overkills”.

Two years after the release of the first title a sequel was launched named Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark side. It also spawned two spin-offs named “Chicago Syndicate” and “X-Perts”.

A third and a final title Eternal Champions: The Final Chapter was advertised for the Sega Saturn, but the game was cancelled shortly after beginning production, in order to push the Virtua Fighter series in the United States. From Japan’s view the game never existed, in spite of its stellar sales and even offers to do comic books and a cartoon around it.

Eternal Champions Sega Genesis Tribute - #GTUSA 2

The title also was the second cartridge that came packaged with the Sega Activator. The Sega Activator was an elaborate infrared ring controller that players stood in while punching and kicking in real life to perform combat moves in the game. The Activator never really made it off of the ground.

The game also produced its own Tiger handheld unit which was part of the Sega Tiger Electronic Pocket Arcade game series. Like most of Tiger’s handheld games it was a slimmed down version of the original.

Eternal Champions may not be able to compete with Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter series, but definitely made its mark in fighting game history.


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