ESL Pro League CS:GO Finals


The finals for the ESL Pro League today at 6:50 BRST (UTC-2) with Cloud9 (C9) taking on SK Gaming. The Semi final games were defiantly something exciting to watch as C9 made their match up against Mousesports look easy by wining the first two maps. Sk, being in their home nation of Brazil, didn’t have it so easy against Ninjas In Pyjamas (NIP) forcing it to go all three maps and wining the last two.


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SK game in third during the regular season with C9 taking the number one spot only dropping one map the whole 9 week season. I don’t see this match up going a blow out to either team as C9 has proved this season that they are a Champion winning team and SK having the past of already being one. Sk dose have home field advantage and the crowd could play a big role in this game but C9 N0thing doesn’t seem to think that’s going to effect their play style after the semi final game.


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The history between the teams show SK to be the favor for the win but i think with the roster changes to C9 they are not the same team so it could go either way. Be sure to check the game out your self on the ESL Twitch stream.

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