Eon Altar Episode 2 New Trailer | Out Tomorrow


Eon Altar Episode 2 Out Tomorrow

Episode 2 of staff favorite co-op RPG Eon Altar hits shelves tomorrow on STEAM. The mobile-enhanced title pits up to four players in an epic quest perfect for local party play.

What is Eon Altar?

Here’s what I said about Eon Altar last time:

“Eon Altar isn’t about throwing a thousand overt systems at a player: It’s about creating an environment where experienced gamers and beginners can work together to create a meaningful experience. Eon Altar works well It’s impossible to “screw up your character” or “mess up a save.”

Because of the ease of setup and polish on the mobile companion app, I’ve seen this game played and enjoyed by folks decidedly outside the target demographic for dungeons and dragons style video games. It’s so easy for people to feel comfortable with the “controller” in their hand (since it’s their own smartphone.) There are downsides to the ease of access, sure, like a shallow loot system, but I don’t mind and you shouldn’t either – here’s why: Everything in this game serves to facilitate the adventure.”

And the adventure continues in episode 2! Grow your character! Explore the great citadel! Battle new enemies!

Check it out tomorrow for a great weekend adventure!