Elder Scrolls Online | What’s new in 2016



In a post to players on the official forums, Zenimax Online says the current player population is “very strong,” and that the team is committed to providing “ongoing content and updates on a quarterly basis, and incremental patches as needed.”

One of the big focuses Zenimax seems to be working on it the Level scaling, where players of a lower level will jump to a higher level while in specific areas. This will be included in all future DLC and Addon packs for the Online game.

The looking for group system is getting a full overhaul and is scheduled for release this year. Additionally, look forward to a looking for guild system to be released around the same time.

ElderScrolls Online - GamePlayAnother system that’s changing is the Veteran Ranks are to be removed from the system. Level 1-50 will be the same as they are currently however, reaching 50+ will supply Champion Points and add to a Champion rating system. This point cap will start out around 501 but will increase as time progresses and more people reach the cap.

As for DLC, The Thieves Guild is expected to hit the public test server in February, with a full Q1 release to follow. After that, in Q2, comes The Dark Brotherhood pack, which takes place on the Gold Coast of Cyrodiil, near Anvil and Kvatch.

Zenimax also offered some updates on previously discussed features. On the PvP Justice System, Zenimax said the following:

“We will not be adding in the previously discussed PvP component of the Justice System. We caveated this many times – as [Zenimax] said at the ESO QuakeCon presentation in 2014, it was always going to be very difficult making it fun, but not exploitable.

“When introducing new systems to the game, our number one goal is to make sure that we don’t introduce new problems. Having players enforce justice on the criminal activity of other players has the potential to introduce imbalances and other issues that greatly outweigh any potential gameplay benefits.

“The game’s central concept of ‘PvP in PvP areas and be safe in safe areas’ needs to stay the way it is.”


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