EA vs Ubisoft | The Trademark War



Ubisoft as filed an opposition against two trademark registrations made by EA.

EA has filed to trademark “ghost”, Ubisoft sees this as possibly damaging and has filed the formal opposition on January 29. The filing was dug up by NeoGAF from an official listing on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website. Essentially, Ubisoft is concerned its own property would “be damaged by registration of the mark.”

Specifically, Ubisoft mentions its Ghost Recon series as being specifically vulnerable should the mark be awarded to EA.

Ubisoft cites its use of Ghost Recon “in connection with video games and entertainment services” previous to EA’s trademark filing in March of last year.

At this time, Ubisoft is working on a new Ghost Recon: Wildlands. Which was announced at E3 2015, so is well known as being in the works. It is unclear what EA plans to do should they acquire the “Ghost” trademark as nothing associated has been announced by EA.

However, what is likely is that if unsuccessful then Ubisoft will have grounds to stand on to go after the trademark themselvses. EA has until March 9 to answer the opposition, although it could request an extension.

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