EA Confirms Titanfall 2 Won’t Be Included in EA/Origin Access for Early Access/Discounts


Titanfall 2 will not be part of EA Access and Origin Access when it launches. This means that PC and Xbox One Players won’t get early access, try it out for free, or discounts when it launches October 28. This was confirmed to GameReactor and the exclusion is also mentioned on the official EA Access FAQ.

No reason as to why this is the case has been offered at this time.

The game recently had two open beta weekends, so hopefully you had a chance to give it a whirl during thosse. If you missed out, you’ll have to wait until release and pick up a copy.

How do you feel about Titanfall 2 not hitting EA and Origin Access? Will it affect your decision to purchase Titanfall 2 if you’re a subscriber? Let us know in the comments.

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